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In 2014, following publication of The Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU ( TPD ) by the European Parliament, the UK government announced legislation that would outlaw the purchase of e-cigarettes by people under the age of 18. Effective as of October 1st. 2015, it is illegal to sell e-cigarettes or e-liquids to minors. Because of the difficulty of reliably confirming the age of a visitor to the website, Mad 4 Ink has made the decision that we will not sell vaping products online.

Vaping products can be purchased and used by anyone over the legal smoking age of 18. They should not be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or people taking medicines for asthma or depression. Consult your doctor before using any electronic cigarette product.

We at Mad 4 Ink are pleased to offer a range of e-Cigarettes, e-Cigarette replacement components and accessories, and e-liquids (including nicotine-free varieties) to personal callers at the shop. Please call in to browse our range of vaping products for yourself.

Warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a chemical known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm, and which is a highly addictive substance.
A boxed vaping kit

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