Canvas Prints

Photos from your phone, tablet, camera, memory card or USB memory stick.

Canvas sizes up to 24x20 inches
Oil painting effect image of Bakewell Church
Have you taken a photo that's so good it deserves to be treated as an Old Master?

Bring your image, your device or your memory stick into Mad 4 Ink, to have it printed onto canvas, then mounted on a stretcher frame, so you can display it like an oil painting. Staff are always on hand to advise. Some photos just don't look good enough as a standard print. A range of sizes are available, and a canvas print makes a great gift. Give us a call, drop us an e-mail, or call into the shop to find out prices and discuss your requirements.

Please Note.

The above image does not necessarily reflect the actual appearance of a canvas print. It is intended to be representative of the fact that the printing substrate has the texture of a painting canvas. There are, however, a number of painterly or impressionistic effects that can be applied to a photograph. Ask in the shop for more details.